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We M/S. Natur Green Solutions, Ernakulam, Kerala are the manufacturer and distributors of 100% Compostable/ Biodegradable Carry bags/products, as a replacements to the conventional petroleum based plastic carry bags which have been banned by govt. authorities, as one of the measures to save the enviornment. Our products are 100% Biodegradable and Compostable and approved from CENTRAL POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD and ISO17088 from CIPET and also OK Compost and ASTM standards these standards imply that soil bacteria will decompose 99% of the material to carbon, oxygen and non- toxic Biomass within a maximum of 180 days. Compostable products are the smartest way to safeguard our environment while not compromising on the flexibility of Plastic.

Our product ranges including Carry bags, Packaging films, Garbage bags, Grocery bags, Fruits & veg.Rolls, Pouches, Straws, Spoons/Forks, Take away containers etc.

Advantages of Compostable bags/Products are :

Eco friendly food
Packaging Solutions
Biodegradable | Compostable